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Wide Stirrup Leathers

Wide Stirrup Leathers

Made from quality saddle leather, these stirrup leathers are wide on the main area to prevent leg pinching, then narrowing to 1 1/4" width or 32mm on the adjusting area and for over the bar. Suitable for stock saddles.


Designed to suit wide top stirrups, they can also accommodate standard 4 bar irons or similar through use of a seat belt webbing piece inside the bar area that slips through the regular leather slot and snaps closed at the top of the iron. The webbing once secured aids in preventing the iron from sliding sideways which can happen when using stirrups without the wide top. Saves having to put up with slipping stirrup irons or replacing your existing stirrups to wide top irons.


Can be made with or without the webbing piece.


Average length is 60" or 150cm.


This product is hand made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.

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