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Belt Buckle - Trophy/Western style

Belt Buckle - Trophy/Western style

Also known as changeable buckles, western belt buckles or trophy buckles, these are a large style decorated belt buckle that can be fitted to our leather Belt Straps.


Most of these buckles average from 7.5cm to 9cm long x 5cm to 6.5cm high. They fit up to a 1 1/2" wide belt and are available in a variety of patterns, styles & finishes.


These quality buckles suit our leather Belt Straps perfectly, as our Belt Straps feature snaps to enable the buckle to be changed and are made at  38mm wide (see Belts for these). By allowing the buckle to be changed, it enables you to have a different look and style depending on which one you'd like to use, saving on having multiple belts - just change the buckle instead.

These are a quality buckle from America with lovely finish and detailed engraving that we generally always have in stock.


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