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Oxley 1 1/2" Belt

Oxley 1 1/2" Belt

A classic and stylish belt designed for dress or occassional use, right through to hard farm work that is designed to last the test of time.


The Oxley belt is made from heavy bridle/saddle leather and features a Solid Brass or Stainless Steel buckle with leather keeper that is stitched in place using heavy harness sewing thread.


This belt will give many years of service whether as an occassional belt or everyday belt. 


Available in 1 1/2" or 38mm width in three colour options and is suitable for men or women.


Black - standard rich black

Dark Brown - Dark brown tone with rich colour

Mid Brown - Deep medium reddish brown with rich colour


These belts are kept in stock and are ready for immediate shipping.

  • Measuring for a belt

    Belts are measured from where the leather folds over the buckle to the centre hole on the belt. When purchasing a belt we recommend selecting one that does up on or near the centre hole - this allows for some adjustment up and down for the user. To select the correct size, measure your waist (firmly) or where you wear your belt then select the size closest to that measurement. eg.For a 38" waist, you would select a 38" belt.

    If you aren't able to measure the waist if the belt is for someone else, you can measure an existing belt from where the leather folds over the buckle to the most currently used hole. This would be the size generally required.

    The final option is to use pants size - be aware though, that the belt size required is generally 1-2 sizes larger than the pants size - this can depend on the make of pants and sizing though and the other options above are a more acurrate way to measure. eg. pants size 34", belt size required 36" or 38".

  • Our Products

    All our leather goods and rope products are handmade here in Australia by us.

    Each piece is created by hand with great attention to detail using quality materials and leathers. When you buy from us you are buying a quality piece that will last, as well as helping to support a small business in Australia.

    We keep a large range of our pieces available for immediate shipment and provide short lead times for pieces made to order or if out of stock. If you would like a product customized to suit your needs, please get in touch.


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