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Jayel Leather Dressing

Jayel Leather Dressing

Jayel Leather Dressing is made in Victoria by Joseph Lyddy and is a quality leather dressing that suits many applications. Made from Beeswax and natural oils it is pleasant smelling and keeps well.


Excellent for reconditioning saddlery, stockwhips, boots and more, it is a neutral colour that is a semi firm paste consistency that softens when left in the sun. We use this dressing on our whips and saddlery and it's also great for harness or workboots. Replaces natural oils in leather as leather dries out over time and helps waterproof leather to a degree.


To apply, warm leather article in the sun then apply with a cloth or by hand. Will naturally darken leather on application so test in an inconspicuopus spot first if required.


Available in 2 sizes 225g tin or 450g tin. Excellent on stockwhips!


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