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Half Plait Handle Addition

Half Plait Handle Addition

This option is to add a half plait section to the handle on your whip order. 


This 4 strand plaited section with turks head knob on base of handle, plaited in redhide to match the whips, allows for extra grip with the knob preventing the handle slipping through the hand. All the handles are made with a taper standard and so don't actually require a plaited grip, however, the plaited section adds a nice finish to the whip and does give a soft area to hold the handle.


All whips and handles are handmade and plaited by Ellen Freeman. Plaited section averages 6 inches in height.


Redhide is made from cowhide that is tanned and has a red finish.


This option must be purchased with a stockwhip. This option is only to add the plaited section to handles and does not include the whip or handle itself. Stockwhips are available seperately. 'Half Plait' is simply a reference term and depending on whip size may not actually be 'half' the handle, but is enough for the average hand to grip at approximately 6" in height. This option may add a slight amount of time to complete to your whip order. Please allow 7-10 business days.

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