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3ft Yard Whip

3ft Yard Whip

3ft stockwhip made from Australian tanned redhide with solid timber handle. Both whip and handle are handmade and plaited by Ellen Freeman. This size is great for children or for adults to use with stock work or in the yards as the name suggests.


Redhide is made from cowhide that is tanned and has a red finish. 4 plait. The length is the plaited section length or similar.


For sizing - as a general rule of thumb, we recommend roughly matching the persons height to the length of the whip to allow for easy cracking eg. a 6ft tall person would usually suit a 6ft whip, 5ft for a 5ft person, small children suit smaller whips such as 3ft or 4ft whips. You can opt for a longer or shorter whip length however, depending on your personal preference. For stockwork off a horse, longer whips are often more suited.


We generally keep our whips in stock ready for immediate shipment, if we run out of stock we will handmake your whip to order for you. Please allow 5-10 business days for completion. Whips take a lot of work to make and we appreciate your patience if we do have to make it for you especially!

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