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Winkers Heavy Horse In Stock

Winkers Heavy Horse In Stock

Heavy Horse Winkers or Blinkers - Traditional styles made in natural or black coloured leather with stainless steel hardware. Shaped eye and adjustable head and throat strap.


These are those we currently have in stock ready to ship right away.

  • Heritage Eye with traditional head in Natural x2 $370 SOLD
  • Sensible Eye with traditional head in natural x1 $350
  • Block Eye with traditional head and under jaw strap in black x1 $430 SOLD


A traditional style of work winker / blinkers / blinders for everyday work or show use with heavy horses. Made from heavy leather and available in 2 colours:

-Natural - a fully tanned undyed leather that will gain a rich warm brown over time with use.

-Black - tanned and dyed leather


The eye-piece on the winker is designed to sit out from the eye slightly in a cupping type manner that allows the horse to see out, whilst still preventing them from seeing behind, when the winker is fitted on the horse correctly.


Headpiece Styles

Traditional - Features a single strap for the brow and throat with a buckle on the end for the throatlatch and a strap over the poll with a buckle for adjustment, standard noseband top only.

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    All our leather goods and rope products are handmade here in Australia by us.

    Each piece is created by hand with great attention to detail using quality materials and leathers. When you buy from us you are buying a quality piece that will last, as well as helping to support a small business in Australia.

    We keep a large range of our pieces available for immediate shipment and provide short lead times for pieces made to order or if out of stock. If you would like a product customized to suit your needs, please get in touch.


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